The following services are available to facilities across the country. For more information and to learn more, email


A comprehensive facility evaluation with specific recommendations via an individualized plan – this might require several days of on-site evaluations/observations/interviews depending on the size of the facility.

Education Plan

A specifically tailored educational plan to meet your facility’s individual needs regarding a targeted issue or audience. These could be designed to meet needs identified in a comprehensive facility evaluation or after just a brief discussion with the business owner if they are able to identify the specific issues and areas of need.

Guest Speaker Presentations

In-person presentations are also available including one or more components of the Consulting OMT Education Series. This can include general presentations at your facility or event.

More on the Buprenorphine Prescriber Beginner/Master Classes

Many problems occur in buprenorphine maintenance treatment when patients and prescribers have different priorities and different expectations. Providers often feel that they need to exert maximal control over their patients and their medication, as they are prescribing controlled substances and are under regulatory scrutiny. Many patients will do very well on buprenorphine treatment but may not comply with strict provider requirements that they feel do not work for them. Conflicts over these issues often result in frustration and burnout of providers, and frustration and drop out of patients. A better understanding of the nature of the diseases of opioid dependence and addiction, treatment goals, the significant safety profile of buprenorphine, and the typical behaviors that are characteristic of many addiction patients, can help providers develop a more effective, successful, profitable, and rewarding practice.